After Care


After Care Instructions

Sad to say there is nothing I can do to stop your headlights from returning to the same condition, once I have restored your headlights. However, there is much YOU can do!

First knowing that the sun does most of the damage, try to be mindful of where you park. If possible, always park in a garage. Some might say I don’t have a garage then it is even more important for you to take precautions. If you can pay attention to which direction the sun is facing when you park at work, home, when you go to the store, try facing away from the sun as often as you can. I realize that this might not always be practical, so what then?

Please take care to follow these “After Care Instructions”

At least twice a month. (More when you can)

Step one:          Wash your headlights using a mild soap and water solution and a microfiber towel.


Step two:          Apply a thin coat of a liquid wax designed for plastic (I.e. Maguiar’s PlastX), with another microfiber towel and using small circular motions.

Allow to dry, then with a clean microfiber towel, buff to a high shine.


These steps will HELP to clean and protect and slow the normal degradation that occurs due to the sun, harsh chemicals and road dirt & grime.