I know it’s hard to believe that there are ones out there trying to take advantage of you by helping you depart from some of your HARD-EARNED money, but sad to say there are.

Hopefully this will help you keep a look out for just these businesses and individuals.

Some companies (they are at the top of your Google search), (paid advertisement) and others that claim to restore Headlights, use a clear coat product to cover-up what they cannot fix, and they call it a “UV Protectant”. In reality it is smoke and mirrors and by that, I mean, they might do some sanding and remove SOME of the damage (and some do not even do that) and then they cover what they cannot fix with a clear-coat to cover up the scratches and other damage.

The problem is, if clear-coat was a “GOOD IDEA” why do they not come from the factory with it on them???

I have done over 10,000 sets of headlights in the past 10 years and this is one of the worst ideas out there – here’s why:

#1 Clear-coat is in reality a form of paint and the fact that with the heat from the sun and the light bulbs themselves, headlights expand and contract, over time this clear-coat will crack and peel off and in short order leave your headlights in worse condition than before.

#2 If all of the damage is not removed, what was blocking the light from coming through the lens is still there, and you have gained nothing. It might look a little better at first but then soon you will lose even that.

Try this test! Take a spray bottle of water and spray your foggy headlights, while they are wet they appear to look better, but what was blocking the light is still there.

#3 The “UV Protectant” Clear-coat will also turn yellow and cloudy (just like the plastic lens did) and then it is very hard to remove the clear-coat when you decide to clean the headlight the right way.

We do charge more than most, about the same as some. but we have proved time and time again that we are. . .